Welcome Friends and Community Members,

After a deeply disturbing year for the CVUSD board of education, I decided to run for school board. The current board majority was blatantly ignoring community input and disregarding the best advice of teachers, administrators, fellow board members, and parents.

As the race became crowded, giving a political advantage to the incumbents, I decided to withdraw and to throw my full effort into seeing that three highly qualified, student-focused, good-governance candidates were elected. Those candidates are Jenny Fitzgerald, Cindy Goldberg, and Bill Gorback.

Each voter will get to choose three school board candidates on the November ballot. Concerned members of the community, like you and me, are increasingly worried about the damage done by this out-of-control board majority. The only way we can vote them out on November 6th is to get behind three candidates and vote together.  

Today, I am proud to announce that I have formed a committee in support of Fitzgerald, Goldberg, and Gorback for CVUSD School Board 2018. We are calling ourselves Conejo Together. Many have joined me and we are taking a stand. It’s time to return to a board that is focused on students, all students, and dedicated to basic principles of civility and respect.   

Conejo Together can do this but we need your help. We understand the risk of letting the school board majority stay in place, but many of our friends and neighbors have no idea what is going on. We have to run an effective campaign to get the word out about why this school board election matters and who the best three candidates are.

Please volunteer to help us: www.ConejoTogether.com/volunteer.

Please donate so that we can get the word out to as many people as possible: www.ConejoTogether.com/donate.

Warm regards,




Mary Anne Van Zuyle