Conejo Together is dedicated to electing Jenny Fitzgerald, Bill Gorback and Cindy Goldberg to the Conejo Valley Unified School Board. 

These three candidates will focus on success for all students and hold steadfast to the basic principles of good governance, civility, and respect.  

On November 6th, each voter is able to choose three board candidates from a total of eight that will be listed on the ballot. Conejo Together chose these three outstanding candidates because we know that they have a proven track record of community and school involvement. They will bring new energy, dedication, and perspectives to the board. Here on this site, you can learn more about them and the reasons why so many in the Conejo community have joined together to change the make-up of our school board. Please visit our candidate section for more information and follow the links to the candidate websites if you have questions about their platforms.

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Concerned community members, like you and me, have to get behind these three candidates and vote together if we are going to prevail in November. Our current board majority has focused on personal and political agendas instead of what is good for our families and our community. Our kids, our teachers, and our community are counting on us to set things right. If you weren’t aware that our school board was headed in a dangerous direction, go to the State of Our District page for more information.

Each of the candidates we support is busy running their own independent campaign. Jenny, Bill, and Cindy are not a slate. They don’t share common world-views or a common agenda. What they do share is their history of service to the community, their interest in working with others to make good things happen, and the courage to stand up. Conejo Together is here to get the word out to the community that these three candidates are worthy of their vote. If voters don’t engage, a candidate with a hidden agenda could sneak through, allowing the dysfunction and distraction to continue.     

Conejo Together is here to support Jenny, Bill and Cindy with whatever they need to succeed.

We have the contacts in the community to make things happen quickly and the volunteer power to get big jobs done. Being a candidate is not easy. We’re here to help! The effort doesn’t stop there! We have set up a robust voter outreach campaign designed to spread the word about voting for these three.

This outreach goes well beyond the reach of any one candidate. Please get involved by visiting our Volunteer page. Every person counts right up until the polls close!

Conejo Together has built strong connections between the many community groups who share common concerns about the poor behavior of the current board majority and the important work we want our school board to do.