Cindy’s unmatched commitment to kids, long history of parent involvement in the district, and extraordinary success as Executive Director of the Conejo Schools Foundation position her to be a highly effective school board member. Conejo Together supports Cindy because she really understands the many important Conejo Valley partnerships and recognizes the critical role that leadership plays in developing and maintaining great programs.

Cindy moved to the Conejo Valley in 2003 because of the great schools. She and her husband wanted a top-notch public education for their three sons. The youngest is still going CVUSD strong! As soon as Cindy got to the Conejo Valley, she jumped into volunteering in the classroom and in the community. She has been actively involved in the PTA, School Site Councils at elementary, middle, and high school levels, the GATE District Advisory Council, and the District Advisory Council as a site representative and an elected member of the Executive Board.

Cindy also served on a number of CVUSD committees including the Budget, Career-Tech-Ed, and Homework Committees. In addition, she was a member of the Measure I Campaign Steering Committee and was the Horizon Hills Neighborhood liaison to the AdHoc Committee for the Conejo Valley Learning Center. Currently, Cindy is a member of the Chamber of Commerce’s Education and Workforce Development Committee, the TOARTS Advisory Board, and the Temple Etz Chaim Education Committee.

GoldbergCindy currently serves as Executive Director of the Conejo Schools Foundation, an independent nonprofit 501(c)(3) dedicated to enhancing educational opportunities for students in the Conejo. The CSF is the lead organization behind the All District Music Festival and the Get Ahead Summer School program. Cindy is adept at matching donor resources with the programs and classrooms where extra support is needed.

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