Thanks to all of our digital canvassers.  We have reached over 3500 unique voters friend to friend!  Door-to-door canvassing is very effective and we are sending canvassers out from our headquarters to knock on doors every day through Election Day.  We also provide address lists to those that want to walk their own neighborhoods.  But there are some practical downsides to going door-to-door in a community like ours. Did you know that we have more road surface per residence than most cities in the State of California? Walking door-to-door, down all of the cul-de-sacs, can be a tough way to connect to folks in the Conejo Valley with the good news about our three candidates. We have just under 50,000 voting households to reach before voting day. “Send out mailers,” you say? Those mailers are eyebrow-raisingly expensive and they aren’t the same as a recommendation from a friend, are they? So what to do?

The answer is DIGITAL CANVASSING! It’s quick, it’s easy, and it works.  Thanks for your help!

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Digital Canvassing is a totally modern way to accomplish the old-time task of spreading the good word, FRIEND TO FRIEND! We don’t put much stock in the news these days or in the opinions of people we don’t know, but friends are different. We listen to friends.

This friend-to-friend outreach tool allows you to compare your email contacts to the voter rolls for the CVUSD. Once you see the list of friends who are voters, you can take anyone you want off. When it is down to just the folks you want to reach, you click a button and PRESTO! You see the email that the campaign has prepared and it goes out from you to your friends. If you aren’t comfortable with the message, you can edit it or add to it before you click the send button. The campaign doesn’t have access to your email addresses and neither does the platform. Your contact list stays private.

This is a powerful tool and we want to make sure it gives us the advantage we need to win in November. Depending on your comfort level, you might choose to have someone talk you through the process. We can arrange advice by phone or meet you for a cup of coffee or you can come to one of our Headquarters events and enroll there.

Doesn’t it seem like we all know everyone in town with just a few degrees of separation? Well, our goal is to reach every single voter in the Conejo to tell them the reasons that they should vote for Fitzgerald, Goldberg, and Gorback. Friend-to-friend outreach makes that possible.