A lot has been said in education circles about “every child matters.” But that’s a lot harder to make happen than it is to say. The Conejo Together community wants the school board to stop using its pulpit to fight the culture wars and instead return to a focus on student success.

Under our Superintendent’s leadership, we have an updated Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) that speaks to our true school district values. It provides administrators, teachers, parents, and students with a clear set of goals and a plan to reach those goals. We want the school board to work with stakeholders to ensure that our LCAP honors the unique potential of every child.

We want our district definition of success to include, and respect, the many goals and pathways that our students take on their journey to adulthood. Happy and productive adults aren’t stamped out by cookie cutters; they grow in supportive, nurturing environments that address the unique needs of each learner.  Our high school graduates attend first rate schools across the state and nation.  At the same time, many graduates remain closer to home, attending local colleges and universities where they excel and prepare for meaningful and productive lives in the community.







Conejo Together wants a board that supports and understands the challenges of inclusive educational practices and social-emotional learning as well as traditional academic pursuits. We want the board to encourage our professional educators to develop new and exciting programs that serve the needs of the diversity of families living in the Conejo Valley. We expect technology to be used as a tool to enhance learning and we want newly available data to be used to improve learning outcomes for every student in our Conejo schools.

Finally, the Conejo Together community stands squarely with our classroom teachers. We want a school board that respects the work of teachers, not just by giving lip service but by listening to their concerns, clearing away obstacles, and supporting creativity and innovation in the classroom.  Jenny Fitzgerald, Bill Gorback, and Cindy Goldberg are the choice of Conejo Teachers and Conejo Classified staff.  These are candidates you can trust and future board members you will be proud of.