Amy Chen Qualifications Questioned

Chen maintains that her background will make her an effective board member. But will it? And what, precisely, is that background?

This June, just two months before the deadline for confirming her candidacy, the state received paperwork creating a new nonprofit organization in Arcadia called “Top Goal Education.” It was formed by the CEO of First Avenue Education where Amy Chen serves as CFO.  Chen was named a “director” of Top Goal, and that title, two months later, enabled her to call herself an “educational nonprofit director” on the November ballot.

First Ave. Education is a for profit after-school tutoring business that already has a nonprofit “arm” called First Avenue Education Inc. Why create another nonprofit arm just months before the filing deadline?

First Ave. and First Avenue were created in 1999 by John Wuo, the former City Council member from Arcadia who resigned after being charged with election financial improprieties.

Why did a second nonprofit need to be created as an affiliate of First Avenue? And why was it created just months before the CVUSD filing deadline?

Does Amy Chen’s tenure as director of a 3-month-old nonprofit qualify her to serve on the school board? Do the voters assume that a CFO takes full responsibility for the business affairs of her organization?

Mary Anne Van Zuyle

Qualification questioned