Censorship is not amusing

At first I read with some amusement all the letters concerning the need to censor (or restrict) the reading materials available to our students. Unfortunately, amusement is no longer how I feel when I read these letters.

The problem with censorship is, whose “values” do we choose? How do you determine whose religious leanings are right or wrong? The answer is you can’t. They are opinions, and as such they can’t be right or wrong.

But the whole idea of freedom is the ability to be able to talk/ read about opposing ideas. Cults and dictatorships all try to restrict information. Why? Because they want you to only believe what they believe.

When I was in high school in the late ’60s, early ’70s, I was able to read “The Autobiography of Malcolm X.” I’d had a particular view of him and his ideas. By reading this book, I realized my views had been formed by complete and total misinformation

Last thought. For all the parents and board members who want to restrict reading materials, do you restrict your children from playing video games? Especially the ones that glorify killing and mistreatment of women?

We only grow by allowing free thought and free ideas.

Mike Moersen
Thousand Oaks

Censorship is not amusing