Teachers are not the enemy

Every parent who has truly engaged in their child’s schooling knows that the personal relationships built among students, parents and teachers is key to our kids’ educational success—and those relationships are among the most important to our community’s success as well.

Mr. Bilson’s letter was offensive and ridiculous, criticizing your child’s teachers by saying they “oppose what makes our community so pleasant, productive and hopeful” just because they are unionized?

Every parent who takes pride in CVUSD schools knows that the exact opposite is true and that our teachers—as individuals and when they work together—are invaluable contributors to the Conejo Valley’s family-friendly culture.

It’s the board’s attacks on curriculum, and misdeeds such as Mr. Dunn’s threats against a constituent and her employer earlier this year, that truly threaten our community’s “pleasant, productive and hopeful” nature.

Our teachers have taken dramatic action this fall because, like so many parents and others in our community who value education and want the best for our kids, they’re appalled by the behavior of Dunn and his fellow extremists, and deeply committed to bringing integrity back to the CVUSD board.

That’s why so many of us are going to such great lengths to support Jenny Fitzgerald, Cindy Goldberg and Bill Gorback in November.

Joyce Miller

Teachers are not the enemy