We’ve heard the question again and again – from parents and teachers across Thousand Oaks and Ventura County, from elected officials throughout southern California, from free-speech advocates nationwide, from folks who’ve read the news in local papers everywhere. What’s going ON with the school board in the Conejo Valley, and can you please make it stop?

It’s a fair question. CVUSD has a longstanding reputation for excellence, and many of its graduates excel at fine universities across the state and nation. Its teachers are highly qualified; its facilities are terrific. So what’s gone wrong with the school board?

We are concerned members of our community, Republicans and Democrats, united in our hope of returning our school board’s focus where it belongs: to our students, and to the issues that really matter in our district.

At the hands of the current board majority over the last two years, our community has endured – among other transgressions – an attack on our high school English curriculum; the censure of longtime trustee Mike Dunn, after he threatened retaliation against the employer of a community member who had criticized him; and a relentless effort, employing a series of underhanded political maneuvers, to deny the public its right to participate in local government.

Along the way, the board majority has disrespected and dismissed the roles of administrators and teachers in making district policy; ignored and belittled student and parent voices; and craftily circumvented the will of the California Department of Education, which went to great lengths to distance itself from CVUSD’s literature-censorship policy.

A coalition of parents, educators, elected officials and concerned citizens has opposed these misdeeds at every turn. Now we are using our voices to support the work of Conejo Together – a committee organized to elect Jenny Fitzgerald, Bill Gorback and Cindy Goldberg on November 6.

The mismanagement of our school district’s most precious resources and responsibilities — its students, teachers and curriculum – stops now if we vote together. We’re standing with Jenny, Bill, and Cindy as they strive to return civility and good governance to the CVUSD board. What’s at stake is nothing less than the reputation of our community, and the quality of our children’s education.

Congresswoman Julia Brownley
State Senator Henry Stern
Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin
Dianne McKay, Ventura County Community College District Trustee
Dr. Betsy Connolly, CVUSD trustee
Pat Phelps, CVUSD trustee
Peggy Buckles, former CVUSD trustee
Jeff Baarstad, former CVUSD superintendent
Mario Contini, former CVUSD superintendent
Robert Fraisse, former CVUSD superintendent

*titles for identification purposes only

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