Our pride in the Conejo schools cannot be allowed to blind us to the areas where we need to improve.  

The district’s culture should both celebrate successes and take action in areas where data and experience suggest we are not meeting expectations. Healthy school boards hold themselves and the district leadership to high standards. There is important work to do and we want a board that is able and willing to partner with educators to get that work underway.

Mr. Dunn’s frequent assertions that CVUSD is rated #1 on Zillow is patently false but even worse, it suggests that our district doesn’t need to recognize and work to overcome shortcomings. That does a terrible disservice to children whose needs are not being well met in the district. We could be so much more if we had a school board that was engaged and effective rather than reactive, reactionary and self-promoting .

Let’s tell the truth about the leadership trouble in the district.

It’s been a deeply disturbing two years for the CVUSD Board of Education. The current board majority has repeatedly ignored community input and disregarded the sound advice of teachers, administrators, fellow board members, and parents.

This board majority has indulged in so much shocking conduct that many in the community have turned away in shame and frustration. This community has a right, and a responsibility, to insist on respect for all, a strong focus on student success, and adherence to basic good-governance practices.  

It’s time to replace this current board majority with the highly qualified candidates, Jenny Fitzgerald, Bill Gorback, and Cindy Goldberg, who believe in ethical leadership and who will make our community proud while reassuring our teachers, students, staff, administrators, and community members that they will not experience harassment or retaliation from the board of education.  

Our district is a good, strong ship and it can handle heavy weather without ending up on the rocks, but even a strong ship can be sunk if its voyage is controlled by a dysfunctional, self-interested, micromanaging captain(s).  We cannot continue on like this without consequences.

We put the schools and teachers we love in peril when we allow this reckless behavior to continue. It’s time for the voters to do something. It’s time to elect Jenny Fitzgerald, Cindy Goldberg, and Bill Gorback to the Conejo Valley Unified School District Board of Education!