• Come meet @fitzgeraldforschoolboard tonight at Parma Pizzeria! Hope to see you there!
  • Reminder 🚨🚨🚨 register, research and vote! #votefor3cvusd #jennybillcindy #conejo #conejotogether
  • Just one of the many groups of volunteers hitting our local neighborhoods to share about @fitzgeraldforschoolboard @billgorback and @cindy4cvusd for #CVUSD  school board. 
Vote for three in the CVUSD! Jenny, Bill and Cindy! 
Nov 6th is Election Day!
  • Welcome new friends to Conjeo Together. We are committed to making our school board a place that lacks drama and creates an environment of collaboration, kindness and synergy. 
We want our community to have faith in its trustees again.  That is why we are working so hard to help elect @fitzgeraldforschoolboard Fitzgerlad, @billgorback And @cindy4cvusd Goldberg. 
These three candidates care deeply about the progress of your children’s education and the future of our district.  With 33 day left until the election there is no time to waste. 
Here’s how you can help: 
1)  Visit our website to learn about our candidates ASAP

2)  Make a donation so we can help spread the word about Jenny, Bill and Cindy. 
3)  Volunteers needed: We need help Postcard Writing, Canvassing, Phone Banking and Digital Canvassing

4)  Share the good news about Jenny, Bill and Cindy with your friends, neighbors and family . Make sure they know they need to vote for 3 CVUSD!
5)  Swing by Conjeo Together headquarters at the Oaks Mall and pick up campaign information and find out how you can help. 
Please reach out NOW and let us know how you can help. Questions?  email us at 

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  • Somehow in all of the craziness of this week we missed #nationalfamilyday !

We love our beautiful community and we love raising our families here! What are some of your favorite things about raising kids in the CVUSD? We want to know! Please share with us in the comments below! 
Picture taken at the Rancho Sierra Vista hiking trails in Newbury Park.
  • “Banning Books Silences Stories.” One of the most popular — and most frequently challenged — young adult novels of the last two decades is the story of a teenage Indian boy caught between two worlds: the reservation where he lives, and the all-white high school where he’s trying to get an education that’s unavailable on "the rez.” According to the American Library Association, Sherman Alexie’s "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” was the #2 most-challenged book of 2017 — and the Conejo Valley USD school board majority contributed to that designation. The novel explores issues such as poverty, prejudice and alcoholism — but it was the brief sexuality and language that attracted the attention of CVUSD board member Mike Dunn, who attempted to ban the use of “Part-Time Indian” in our high school classrooms. He delayed its approval for two months, then was the lone vote against its addition to the curriculum last fall. Fortunately, students are now reading the book under teachers’ guidance; unfortunately, the controversy over “Part-Time Indian” gave Dunn and his fellow extremists an opening to create a new Core Literature policy that features board-imposed parental warnings about “mature content” in numerous books. These warnings are a potential first step toward the banning of controversial literature, and the stifling of students’ freedom to read.
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  • It’s banned books week and in honor of this years theme “ BANNING BOOKS SILENCES STORIES” we want to hear from you!

Speak out! What book changed your life?

Stay tuned later this week to hear from Jenny, Bill, and Cindy on which books made an impact on their lives.
  • Is everyone you know registered to vote? We need you this November 6th! Please make sure your friends and family are registered to vote. Please make sure your neighbors know about this important election. Remember: vote for 3! Jenny, Bill & Cindy! #cvusd #cvusdelections #cvusdproud #cvusdschoolboard #cvusdschools
  • It’s a very busy day for us today over at Conejo Together!

Follow along as we share all of the fun happening today!

First up! It’s officially election season! That means it is  also sign planting day! Don’t forget to “plant” your @fitzgeraldforschoolboard Fitzgerald, @billgorback Gorback and @cindy4cvusd Goldberg signs and then share them with us here! (Be sure to tag us and we may share your picture!) Here are Jenny and Bill planting their signs. Also spotted three all three signs this morning!

Up next: Come find us today at the FIRST ever Conejo Pride Festival from 11-6 at the Civic Arts Plaza. We will have booth and lots of fun activities for all families!
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  • Are you joining us for our biggest fundraiser before Election Day? We need your help! We are working hard to elect Jenny Fitzgerald, Bill Gorback and Cindy Goldberg to our CVUSD school board and that requires hard work and of course 💰. We would love to see you! Link to buy tickets above👆🏻.

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“Today, I am proud to announce that I have formed a committee in support of Fitzgerald, Goldberg and Gorback for CVUSD School Board 2018.  We are calling ourselves Conejo Together.  Many have joined me and we are taking a stand.  It’s time to return to a board that is focused on students, all students, and dedicated to basic principles of civility and respect.”