We are 100% dedicated to putting an end to our school board dysfunction by electing Jenny Fitzgerald, Bill Gorback, and Cindy Goldberg to the CVUSD School Board. Conejo Together is a one-stop source of candidate support from advocating for truthful ballot designations to hosting postcard parties to storing campaign materials, and we are actively campaigning to get out the word that our community wins when we VoteFor3!

Each candidate runs their own campaign and they deserve your support. We are responsible for the VoteFor3 message and for the “Dunn and his two proteges aren’t what this community wants or needs” message. Every dollar you donate takes us closer to their victory on November 6th. The opposition is well funded and very savvy in the art of political gamesmanship. Your donation does make a difference. Dig deep with your dollars and your time. The stakes for our school district have never been higher and victory is within our reach. Please help!

If you’d prefer to make a donation by check, please click here to print out the required accompanying form.

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